Perfect in his eyes

Nothing tastes sweeter
than nothing when the hurt is past,
when something is better than anything;
so now there is just my guitar
And an empty corridor,
where I sing my songs
to the rafters,
but instead of wishing
I was someone else
I have learned to be myself
And accept that I will never be
Perfect in his eyes.


The crack in the wall

Just don’t ask me about the crack in the wall
The one behind the painting
That reminds me of you,
A little askew, left of centre;
On the other side
Is piercing cold.

Dancing in the wind

Emotional shadows
of meaningless words
drift on the breeze;

love torn in two
became one body
in the blank space of night;

when my skirt danced
against his legs,
eyes bright under dusky eyelashes,

warm arm breathed sweetly
touched my cheeks
like a lover’s caress,

distant hearts that burned
until the last dying ember
was raked amongst the ashes,

as all those dreams
of romantic love –
nothing more than shadows;

now I dance in the wind
with weary arms,
cheeks mascara stained.

Love’s gossamer threads

Love’s gossamer threads
Bound us together, tightly
Against the strength of a tsunami,
Until the whispered breeze
Of careless words
Blew back the curtain
Of things left unsaid,
Breaking those threads forever.

It was real to me

It was real to me;
Those promises and hopes
Of sunshine on her cheek,
Warm thoughts
Occupied by feelings,
Wound together
Under sheets,
Seeking truth
In those eyes;
Words of love,
Brought shelter
From the rain
In her touch;
The autumn palette
Of her hair, eyelashes,
Like autumn leaves
Trembling in the breeze,
Impetuous with desire
Meet my lips,
Consummating dreams.

You loved me

That day
You put my book
On your shelf,
Told me everything,
How you felt.

Valentine’s Day,
Soul mates,
Letters to Juliet;
Burned intensely
Until you answered
My heart’s question
In the negative.

I could have
Had your baby,
Walked the aisle,
Spent my nights
Lying next to you;
Just fooling myself
That it was true,
You loved me too.

Last night a dream

Last night in a dream,
You pulled up in my driveway;
A baby in the back seat,
White veil in your hair.

Don’t you remember
That night we fell in love?
How your heart beat
The first time we kissed.

You were my goddess of love,
Filling hungry eyes
With your midnight desires,
Throwing away caution.

Lightning flashes,
Hot December nights;
Thoughts and feelings,
Confused layers of meaning.

Under early morning rain
You kissed me goodbye,
Turning your face away
From this existential lovescape.

But I can still feel
The imprint of your fingers
Left behind on my skin;
Graceful and beautiful.

As I step out of the present,
Cold and emotionless,
Searching for the human factor
In somebody else’s arms.

Revenge is sweet

I stood naked,
Waiting for your love,
Senses floating
With the pleasure of Venus;
White skin soft as snow,
Cold to the touch,
Only to find you prefer
Larger breasts, blonder hair.

Kneeling on the carpet
I hear you whimper in fear,
As fingernails stroke
Your pale manhood.
But don’t worry, darling,
I have no need
For your masculinity,
This time you are the one
Being fucked over.


Words are finally written;
So many thoughts crowded together,
Sentences jumbled as they fell,
Some smudged by my hand, or tears.

There are things I needed to say,
If I could only roll over and whisper
Into your empty pillow –
Maybe then you would hear.

How I reach for you in the night,
Waking with your words in my ear;

How I still have your jeans
Hanging in my wardrobe;

How your photo is still on my laptop,
Waiting to be deleted, as I was;

How I am sometimes angry with you,
Sometimes sad, sometimes remembering

The times we laughed together, then made love;
I remember it was Mother’s Day, the last time.

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