In my head, the voice

When the rain comes on the outside the power of the underworld will claim my soul for light and dark are in the air tonight bound by ancient Runes fragmented dreams stop the universe a smile tells a lie that everything has changed in my head, the voice

Hedda’s silence

Inner darkness hidden She turns her friends into characters To deliberately manipulate their reactions While she remains hidden in her alien world Silently killing herself with memories Of her own inability to love. Yearning for beauty Her bodily silence Remains empty until the end

I won’t grow old

Once I tried everything rather than be lonely and face eternity; but I won’t grow old, rather than watch time pass I run as fast as I can in the other direction.

Thursday fragments 9

Extract from Molly’s Dreams available now from Amazon It was a few weeks after my sixteenth birthday and the winter sun was smiling on my face as I carefully parked my bike in the racks at the back of the school playground. I wasn’t late for a change and had been feeling better about myself since my birthday.…

Thursday fragments 5

The clock on the classroom wall was ticking so slowly that I thought detention would never end. I tried to write about Stephen in my journal, but each time the pen in my hand shook and the words just stopped. Instead, I wrote about the book ‘My Friend Flicka’. I had started reading it when…