Searching for a female revolution

Tomorrow I am setting out on the fairytale freeway in relentless search for lost paradise, just woman, the road and nature; escaping the angel in the house, swept by excitement – revolutionary words, that rage with hunger in the gathering storm

Imaginary world

A creative approach to life adds happiness Speaking to the emotions in my imaginary world Having a voice for further inspiration To explore outside the stock roles for a woman Escaping heterosexual marriage and Cinderella plots Or Sleeping Beauty trapped in a thicket Uncovering all of their personalities For new beginnings and fresh endings No…

A night at the opera

A night at the opera / seductive heroines meet their death / stabbed, poisoned, strangled – / drive to madness by men / abused, tormented – / while audiences rise to their feet / for the final aria soars sublime / fleeting heroes weave their slow plot / against female power and strength


The beautiful one has come In the image of feminine perfection Timeless power beyond beauty of the real woman Lying in her secret chamber where her other face is hidden With its wrinkles, creases at the corners of her mouth A bump on her nose – young child on her lap, Imperious gaze.

My heart aches for Australia

My heart aches for Australia Beats with sorrow For the women that walk the streets When night time falls Luring men to their fate For she is nature And men need to rise above Soft maidens and wine To reach their angels Waiting patiently at home Expecting him to be faithful With aching hearts

Australia is fair, like a true daughter of England

A wanderer stands at the statue of Robert Burns A digger’s tent is lonely in the night But a woman is other to the men that laid Our countries roots in song and verse She was melancholy, as the lonely curlew cried Men are sailors battling the weather and dying Women’s hearts break with all…