Perfect in his eyes

Nothing tastes sweeter
than nothing when the hurt is past,
when something is better than anything;
so now there is just my guitar
And an empty corridor,
where I sing my songs
to the rafters,
but instead of wishing
I was someone else
I have learned to be myself
And accept that I will never be
Perfect in his eyes.


I can’t do a love song

There were so many things I didn’t know;
at the age of eighteen I thought life
was meant to be like a movie,
a romantic comedy
that would throw the love of my life
into my path in some serendipitous moment,
that moment when our eyes meet
across a crowded room
and music begins to play;
like a hopeless romantic
he would take my hand
and lead me to the dance floor
as a slow song plays we kiss
and my life would never be the same again;
but now I’m never going to dance again,
my guilty feet may be clumsy
but it wasn’t me that looked the other way.

The emotional sky is burning alone

The emotional sky is burning alone
In the evening we said our farewell
Undisturbed on the mountain peak
I became enlightened as the sky
While the smoky distance hummed
Desire to know aroused
At my centre it burns
Until deluded violence wins
Willingly I took him as mine
To hold in my embrace
The sky trembled and it was done
Broken and untrue, time separated us
Leaving the sky in grief
Until it had never taken place
And the moon spoke to the weeping sky
Piercing the biting cold in clear tones
As if the sword piercing my slow heart

Present plural of be

Present plural of be,
Does affection bring pleaure?
Or do naked nerve endings remain?
Are is too definitive,
Could is where my uncertainty remains;
Do you feel what I give generously?
How I long to be a part of the wealth we had
In that fertile land,
But those ones, not yet explored
Drew you from my side
And you stopped to satisfy your thirst
Until I could no longer fly
From this place, downcast.

A drop of saline fluid

A drop of saline fluid – free from deception – lasts forever;
It won’t corrode your heart of copper alloy,
It won’t erode the monument erected in your memory;
You may go now, where each drop that falls dies.

Forever cold

Seen by them in dreams,
tears dim my eyes,
echoes breathe songs
of night creatures
taking wing, like angels;
peace who knows
purity fell to passion,
white arms left empty
forever cold.

In darkness desire

In darkness desire
blushed my face,
wild visions of love’s

mystical intensity,
tangled limbs,
rushing heartbeat,

fooled by soft kisses
that hid the truth
of other lovers,

until his broken words
wounded the silence
with the sound of lies,

until all I could hear
was the roaring
of my anguished heart,

all those promises
of lover’s memories,
all those dreams

died when I searched
his concealed eyes
and found nothing.

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