We had all kinds of things

We had all kinds of things But the narrative didn’t go that way It was meant to It was meant to be full Of dances of colour Of midnight strolls Of smiles and sighs And dresses hiked to our waists For love is precious But the apple still tasted bitter, The thorns were still sharp…

Liking yourself makes others see your beauty

Liking yourself makes others see your beauty, the shimmering of stars in the night sky, where dreams float through the universe; you will find me standing in the shadows of the moon, my fingers making the silver sounds that express what my voice cannot say; I see the way they look at me, I can…

Ode to the wind

The wind adores me, Whistles past my window Searching for a chink, To push back my curtain, To touch my body; I feel you, lover, caressing my face, But I am blind to your true form, Your freshness warms my soul But chills my heart.

Slivers III

light without shadows, windows without walls, lies upon the lives that lie within, expressionless souls, existing in the moment feeling the beauty hidden in the shadows