Ode to the wind

The wind adores me, Whistles past my window Searching for a chink, To push back my curtain, To touch my body; I feel you, lover, caressing my face, But I am blind to your true form, Your freshness warms my soul But chills my heart.

Slivers III

light without shadows, windows without walls, lies upon the lives that lie within, expressionless souls, existing in the moment feeling the beauty hidden in the shadows

Most of the time

most of the time I can remember the touch of summer legs pressed against mine softly as we slept, distant memories of a sweet impression in my lonely bed; in my mind, where fields are green, my heart lays with fairy dreams until the darkened sun ends my days because she loves someone else.

eternally lovesick

sweet lady with tender fingers you made me melt with love at first sight spellbound circle of magic sown with pleasure with the touch of a lady’s hand expressing desire in a dream; remember me to your circle balanced between living and the dead eternally lovesick