I wake up with sounds inside me

I wake up with sounds inside me,
rhyming like a childhood spell;

to be a witch I hone my craft,
personal magic to navigate the world;

power – magic – destiny,
I call on that spiritual force;

trust myself to walk the path,
to let myself drift among secrets;

connecting me with nature
for she is who I am.


first there was an empty space

first there was an empty space,
then a character with no name
afraid of the dark;
found ― a book of words
that carried her to another world
where magic flowed from her fingertips,
shoes off, hair blowing in her face

Bruised petal poet

Bruised petal poet
of human nature
glances over her shoulder
at spirits from the past;
silent, concealed heart
in the pages of a book;
ghostly hands nervous
with little moons
turn the page
of secret dreams
to nourish her soul.


Belonging to a hidden truth
somewhere else fragmented
like spiritual wisdom
or existential anger
I didn’t know anything
harmless apparition
absent-mindedly walking
through my life


Melanin freckles taunted my childhood
Sun kisses mum called them
They set me apart, different
To the caramel tans of other children
Red hair frizzy in sunlight
Never sat neatly in a ponytail

Summer slowly passes

Summer slowly passes
Crumbled dust miles
Rise in tawny breaths
Dozing midday hours
Brooding over the plains
Dark hair windblown, loose
Mouth trembling, swirling
Like a dancer lazily
Purple sky twilight still
Long, empty legs stretched
Under a felt hat shadow

Feminist city

Feminist city, serenely felt;
Nurturing mother holds me close
To her interior, warm, complex
Organic beating heart
Underneath concrete exteriors,
Reproductive choice and motorways;
Where women march together
Creating female space
Among misogynist sprawl
Because life is renewal
And the future is female.

Think twice between skyscrapers

Think twice between skyscrapers
Traffic crowds hurry past
While in my own world
Raindrops are fairy crystals
Falling softly on my cheeks
Adele is the only voice I hear
Flowers crack the pavement
Footsteps slow, face turned
Toward the sky arms wide,
Dancing too long in my heart
Hidden by silence
I sing, right there
On the street
Until they come
To take me away

Boost your glow

Boost your glow
With herbs and flowers
Fruits of the forest
Roses for your cheeks
Then run through the trees
Under blue blue skies

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