Yearning passion
gives meaning
true to oneself
embracing darkness
to balance light
treating yourself
like a close friend
because it is all about
how you see yourself



Between the lines
There is silence
Where my words lie
Between the lines
In the silence

Birthday wish

tomorrow is my birthday
start of a new era
no longer young
\ do I expect too much from love?
I want to be happy
independent and part of nature
\ think before you speak
about the other side of me
those broken lines I follow
are always in my heart
Satisfying others but not myself

I believe in love and Wonder Woman

In case you hadn’t already guessed, today I went to see Wonder Woman at the cinema. I have read so many reviews about what a wonderful movie this was but none of them prepared me for just how fantastic! There was so much to love about Wonder Woman – Gal Gadot is my new favourite actor, the storyline kept me enthralled, young Diana was played endearingly by 8-year old Lilly Aspell, enough feminist themes to upset your average action movie fan, Diana’s awesome fight scenes,  particularly the way the slow motion action shots showed her hair twirling and hopefully inspiring a whole generation of young girls and women to stand up for what they want. But all that aside, one of the main themes that continually leapt out at me was the futility of war.

I clearly remember visiting the Australian War Memorial in Canberra when I was 7 years old. The dioramas of First World War battle scenes gave me nightmares for years afterward. The mud and bodies and barbed wire kept cropping up in my dreams whenever my anxiety got out of control. I could never understand how anyone would knowingly put others in such situations.

As I am writing this, the television news is full of North Korean missiles, conflict in the Middle East and yet more terrorist acts. Have humans learned nothing?

Okay, so superhero action movies are escapist entertainment, but I felt like the most important statement in the movie was ‘I believe in love’. Maybe if we spread love instead of hate there would be no more 7 year old girls anywhere in the world having nightmares.

My mind can only hold so many memories

my mind can only hold so many memories
but there is a woman in there that sorts them
keeping each memory neatly filed away
she gets a bit annoyed with my untidy habits
particularly when I wilfully throw new memories in there
without regard for her neatly arranged cabinet of curiosities

Knowing what you want

Knowing what you want
is not just about looking good
in a pair of tight leggings
it is about having a dream
that is worthwhile
doing everything you can
to make that dream come true
knowing the difference
between loving and being in love
it’s about being strong
and crying at the same time.

In my head, the voice

When the rain comes
on the outside
the power of the underworld
will claim my soul
for light and dark
are in the air tonight
bound by ancient Runes
fragmented dreams
stop the universe
a smile tells a lie
that everything has changed
in my head, the voice

A winter’s day

A winter’s day
of faded roses
the wind’s symphony
rattles my window
while I wait
for the mist to lift
before I can see my life
more clearly

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