paper girls have paper hearts

tt seemed like any other day
the sky was mostly clear
small puffs of cloud
cool breeze ruffling the trees
I canhear a morning television show blaring
another political scandal — riots in Melbourne
I close my eyes and try to block out the noise
In my head. The voices. The memories.
paper girls have paper hearts
they tear too easily


living in darkness

broken girl with stumbling heart
falls at my feet
all the wrong words come out
too many words
between us
hidden feelings

being stuck in my head

being stuck in my head
do the opposite
run like a girl
for this is real
if I am alive—safe
then I’ll be fine
running toward my happy ending
self-control before the mirror
―breathe—I am fine
it will all be fine
everyone watching―my humiliation
—too many eyes
see me falling apart
in one heartbeat a dream
becomes a nightmare

Wild child

cotton shirt, bandanna, bare legs
pale face streaked with tears
of the rainbow country wild
streets of night wait quietly
to see her again, her madness
vibrating love for music
waiting for the laughter to come
and this time it will be forever

Midsummer blue

I don’t care
to blame others
for thinking of the past
of things that have gone out of style
love, marriage, family, first kisses
wandering the shadows, morning mist
cyber secrets like ancient charms
traded after dark where words are power
dancing flames of hair, emerald eyes
glance sharply, voice echoes
a witch’s refrain to leave it alone
because midsummer blue
will always be a dreamer

Women’s magazines

greengrocers – early afternoon
blue canvas awning heat
keen to get home from gossip
long daily excursion pointless
there must be more to life
meetings, Friday tennis, empty house
just her and the baby
on a merry-go-round

I wake up with sounds inside me

I wake up with sounds inside me,
rhyming like a childhood spell;

to be a witch I hone my craft,
personal magic to navigate the world;

power – magic – destiny,
I call on that spiritual force;

trust myself to walk the path,
to let myself drift among secrets;

connecting me with nature
for she is who I am.

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