landscapes on torn paper

landscapes on torn paper
the old plan
ambitious secrets
radically revitalise
the city abandoned
like my heart



warm lips leave an impression
smiles are hard to resist
until it becomes another compulsion
another one of my flaws

as if I was the one

I will always be crazy
feline eyes staring
sleeping next to someone, anyone
to make the night slip away
instead of being pinned like a butterfly
with an ache in my chest

she stares back at me, tight-lipped smile
arms folded tight in the space between us
fire glinting in her eyes

I can smell her perfume, something musk
that always gets to me
the longer I lay there
the more I want to explode
as if I was the one that took her innocence

springtime thoughts turn to love

springtime thoughts turn to love
new life springing forth
flowers bursting
hibernation ends
as the first warm fingers
of sunshine stroke her skin
she closes her eyes
to soak up the feel of heat
that makes legs quiver
she wills every sensation
to be etched into memory
every part of him
for tomorrow he will be gone
like a seed blown on the wind
she has just one chance
to sow that seed
to keep one little part of him
to ensure he will return
next spring
her hand strokes his cheek
stubble coarse beneath fingers
wanting it to be real, tangible
lips press to her collarbone
the flowers nod their heads
as the breeze stirs their petals
and she sighs

why do I run

why do I run
every single time
a bottle of wine
nearly empty
on the floor
two glasses
one lipstick stained
the other broken stem
shattered, like the night air
by the sound of a slap

life is crazy slow

life is crazy slow
it tastes like hot breath
beneath my waistband
restless all night
it doesn’t make a difference
staring at the ceiling
when I’m in someone else’s bed
someone else’s life

i believe every feeling

i believe every feeling
torturing myself
take a pill
cheer up
be energetic
i hate when people say that
i’m not gay, when clearly
they don’t know who I’ve fucked
i just cover myself with ― nothing
that reminds me of my body
because I just feel stupid
and the lies stack on top of each other
in moments of panic
like when she kissed me on the lips

to mend what has been torn

to mend what has been torn
there are two forces in my mind
one has me on my knees
begging forgiveness
the other doesn’t remember
the way she left me
like life itself
slowly pulling me apart

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