Melbourne – Day 10

Another hot and sleepless night that left me tossing and turning. It eventually cooled off after midnight and then I was woken from a strange dream by my alarm. Wearing summery shorts and a short sleeved shirt I walked the short distance to the pool for a swim before my writing workshop. The water was lovely and cool and I could have spent the whole day here, but I had to be at the workshop by 9. This morning we talked about creating new worlds and playing word games. On my lunchtime walk I thought about how I might turn Melbourne into a dystopian world to show the dark side of beauty. It calmed my anxiety and I felt inspired for the afternoon session, humming Adele as I walked back to the college…daydreamer, sitting on the sea, soaking up the sun…


Melbourne – Day 9

After a hot and sleepless night I woke about 6.30 and went for a bike ride around Albert Park before heading off to week 2 of my writing workshop. The rest of the day was busy and stressful and I felt like I was going in ever increasing circles. Listening to other people’s stories is quite emotional. There is this side of me that just wants to help people no matter what. Nothing like a lunchtime walk around the streets of Melbourne to relieve my anxiety while listening to Wolf Alice…don’t delete the kisses!

Until tomorrow,

Molly x

Melbourne – Day 8

What better way to spend a summer day in Melbourne than watching a game of cricket at this lovely old suburban ground. The Albert Ground in St Kilda is home of the Melbourne Cricket Club Women’s Team and the Melbourne Stars in the Women’s Big Bash League. I didn’t feel like doing much today so it was nice to sit in the shade for a while and watch some local cricket before heading out to lunch at a nice little eatery on St Kilda Road. Just up the road the Australian Open tennis is underway and my motel is full of tennis players. It was nice to just explore the suburb away from all the hype of professional sport.

Now it’s time to venture out to dinner, so until tomorrow…

Molly x

Melbourne – Day 7

After an early morning stroll on the beach, wandering around clothes shops and lunch in a bayside cafe, I spent the afternoon sunbaking by the motel pool and reading The Song Rising by Samantha Shannon. If one word summed up Melbourne today it was hot – reallly hot!! But that is what summer is for, apart from tennis, cricket, the surf and swimming, of course. Until tomorrow.

Love, Molly x

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