When we were young
We stood in the rain
Watching time split
Emotions on the surface
Seeing through his eyes
The approaching storm


My little basket
Eyes on the ground
Ring twirled around a finger
Not uttering a sound
Until he grabbed my wrist
Seizing my arm, my shoulder
Through the flimsy summer dress
The heat of his body
Wild and thrilling breaths
Before the ring was on the ground
Thrown at his feet
By bruises black against soft skin.

This is how my story goes

This is how my story goes
When seventeen was accompanied
By sun and stars artistic
Filled with the beauty of being alive
Amongst the summer hum
Of a lazy afternoon dream
When stealthy footstep approached
Frowning darkly with jealousy
To steal my hand from another’s


A ship that didn’t happen
Was meant to take us home
Whispered intentions to wait for him
In a tree where I sat with a book
With easy grace on the willow branch
When he disclosed a ring of diamonds
I drew my hand away like a fool
Sliding to the ground in shame
And running to lock myself in my room
Where I burned with shame
For my unrepentant heart
Refuses to marry anybody
Barren of passionate emotion.

Secret peaceful places

Secret peaceful places
touched with sadness
cling to my thoughts
with every breath haunting;
they refuse to leave
for too long now
I haven’t tried,
haven’t felt the warmth
of another skin,
all that guilt
tells me it’s safer,
but what if they knew?
what about time?
that healer of all wounds,
what have you been doing?
while I am still so broken
that wind just rushes
through my secrets


My period starts
In the most inconvenient places
Instead of enjoying my holiday
I am constantly worried about leaks
No white jeans but lots of running
To the bathroom flinging
Threadbare granny undies into the basin
To rinse the blood from my hands
Fatigue and headaches
Spending the whole day in tears
Until I am finally outside myself
And remind myself this is not
A monthly curse but renewal

Yearning passion
gives meaning
true to oneself
embracing darkness
to balance light
treating yourself
like a close friend
because it is all about
how you see yourself

Voices of girls

Emotional Australian girls
With strong voices
That are painfully true
And real, oh yes,
Real Australian voices
Fighting for the right
To be free from voices
Of patriarchy – men’s and women’s
Voices telling girls
Who to be
How to stand
When to speak
These girls have stopped asking
How it came to be
They just know it is
And they don’t like it anymore
It’s time for change
As able as any sunburnt son of Australia

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