Cicada song of summer days

Cicada song of summer days
lazy crazy hazy days
distant rumble of thunder
hanging heavy in the air
a time to be alive
a book to while away the day
as close to perfect happiness
shadows are my only companions


paper girls have paper hearts

tt seemed like any other day
the sky was mostly clear
small puffs of cloud
cool breeze ruffling the trees
I canhear a morning television show blaring
another political scandal — riots in Melbourne
I close my eyes and try to block out the noise
In my head. The voices. The memories.
paper girls have paper hearts
they tear too easily

being stuck in my head

being stuck in my head
do the opposite
run like a girl
for this is real
if I am alive—safe
then I’ll be fine
running toward my happy ending
self-control before the mirror
―breathe—I am fine
it will all be fine
everyone watching―my humiliation
—too many eyes
see me falling apart
in one heartbeat a dream
becomes a nightmare

Why does the night play tricks?

sometimes I’m not really here
like the sky is in my head
when I want to be friends with you
wandering home with empty arms
wondering what is wrong with me this time
why does the night play tricks?


she takes off her clothes
wrapped around her love
lips upon honeysuckle breasts…
teenage boys grind their dreams


Neruda’s words move softly over my skin,
cooing to me like a dove
before his tongue circles infinity
between my thighs I feel him
the touch of a master poet
reaching deep within my secret thoughts
here I lie, on my bed,
lips parted, body a-quiver
as the poet meets my desire
and I turn the page

the body of a woman

the body of a woman
does not surrender
or succumb —
creating magic in her womb
nurturing life with her breasts
― not bound by man’s desire
she is not a doll
for she is a woman

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