A different sort of book review

the cow in the canal

I have always been a book worm. Ever since I learned to read I carried a book with me everywhere I went. Mum sewed me a pretty library bag so that I could borrow books from the school library. I wish I could remember all those early books but they are buried somewhere deep in my memory dump. One book that stuck in my memory, though, was The Cow Who Fell in the Canal. I don’t know why I remember this book. All I know is that it was a library book and the picture story was about a cow who was bored with life and wandered onto a barge and floated down the middle of the canal (it was set in Holland, by the way). She then floated through fields of tulips and past other cows until she ended up in the city. Maybe it was the idea of adventure that appealed to my five-year old mind, or maybe it was the rhyme of cow/canal. Amazingly, thanks to the powers of the internet, I have been able to track the book down after all these years and find that it wasn’t just my imagination. There really was a cow who fell in the canal! Along with that cow, my adventures in reading (and later writing) began at that very moment. Thank you Phyllis Krasilovsky wherever you are.





How long midnight
bells toll in silence,
vivid ghost stories
spring to mind
as eager as a schoolgirl
is to run with her imagination;
such hours melt soft hearts,
time enough to read at peace.

Afternoon serenity

My soft skin is kissed
By the warm sun,
As you lay by my side,
Tempting me to touch
Your hard cover
And begin reading again.

Your sexy words caress my lips,
The taste of hot
Ink on my tongue,
Salty and sweet,
Leaving me eager to swallow
Everything you have written.

As you wrap your loving
Pages around me,
My fingers stroke
Your supple spine,
Urging you to give me
More of the story.

With red lips parted,
An involuntary sigh escapes,
As you touch my inner
Feelings with meaning,
The air filled with the scent
Of jasmine and roses.

You bring me to the point
Where I can’t stop reading,
With every word arousing
My tender senses.
Eagerly I hold you in my hand
And begin another chapter.

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