When we were young
We stood in the rain
Watching time split
Emotions on the surface
Seeing through his eyes
The approaching storm


My little basket
Eyes on the ground
Ring twirled around a finger
Not uttering a sound
Until he grabbed my wrist
Seizing my arm, my shoulder
Through the flimsy summer dress
The heat of his body
Wild and thrilling breaths
Before the ring was on the ground
Thrown at his feet
By bruises black against soft skin.

Looking for someone special

Someone special might find me irresistable –
I don’t need much, just a little loving
Soft and sensual with a sweet smile
Hiding a ferociously determined heart
But don’t let that scare you off

Blood red circle

Blood red circle
Round the moon tonight
Rain is falling down
In the darkness shadows
Quick and dead
Deny the promise
That love lasts forever


It starts at my toes
I can feel the magic building
I close my eyes
Clenching my thighs
To concentrate on the spell
Ancient words on my tongue
I can taste them on my lips
Then the magic comes
And the spell is cast
And you are mine forever;
Afterward, I smile at the glow
Snuggling into your arms
Preparing my magic
For the next spell.

Ode to the wind

The wind adores me,
Whistles past my window
Searching for a chink,
To push back my curtain,
To touch my body;
I feel you, lover, caressing my face,
But I am blind to your true form,
Your freshness warms my soul
But chills my heart.

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