It starts at my toes I can feel the magic building I close my eyes Clenching my thighs To concentrate on the spell Ancient words on my tongue I can taste them on my lips Then the magic comes And the spell is cast And you are mine forever; Afterward, I smile at the glow…


Indecisive failures victimise romance Predator and prey glimpse the future One needs the other Feather soft nerve endings On dark nights bound With no sense of time to each other

Ode to the wind

The wind adores me, Whistles past my window Searching for a chink, To push back my curtain, To touch my body; I feel you, lover, caressing my face, But I am blind to your true form, Your freshness warms my soul But chills my heart.


A key penetrated theĀ lock, turning in humid darkness, the ultimate masculinity brushed his long hair from his eyes and smiled for a fleeting moment, before the shadow passed and he plunged into me again.

Perfect in his eyes

Nothing tastes sweeter than nothing when the hurt is past, when something is better than anything; so now there is just my guitar And an empty corridor, where I sing my songs to the rafters, but instead of wishing I was someone else I have learned to be myself And accept that I will never…

I travel alone now

I travel alone now, searching the world for answers, for stories that have happy endings somewhere on the other side of the world photographs fade until hisĀ face is hidden and I am standing alone back home there is still me, packed in my suitcase, too scared to make that move, just waiting in the park…