When we were young
We stood in the rain
Watching time split
Emotions on the surface
Seeing through his eyes
The approaching storm


This is how my story goes

This is how my story goes
When seventeen was accompanied
By sun and stars artistic
Filled with the beauty of being alive
Amongst the summer hum
Of a lazy afternoon dream
When stealthy footstep approached
Frowning darkly with jealousy
To steal my hand from another’s


A ship that didn’t happen
Was meant to take us home
Whispered intentions to wait for him
In a tree where I sat with a book
With easy grace on the willow branch
When he disclosed a ring of diamonds
I drew my hand away like a fool
Sliding to the ground in shame
And running to lock myself in my room
Where I burned with shame
For my unrepentant heart
Refuses to marry anybody
Barren of passionate emotion.




The temptress of men
Of spiritual and emotional power
Where friendship turns to love
Until both are lost

We had all kinds of things


We had all kinds of things
But the narrative didn’t go that way
It was meant to
It was meant to be full
Of dances of colour
Of midnight strolls
Of smiles and sighs
And dresses hiked to our waists
For love is precious
But the apple still tasted bitter,
The thorns were still sharp
And now it’s too dark
To read fairytales anymore

Blood red circle

Blood red circle
Round the moon tonight
Rain is falling down
In the darkness shadows
Quick and dead
Deny the promise
That love lasts forever

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