I come from my country

I come from my country Where Thursday frost sparkles Beneath my feet Some wear their national identity Like a cloak, but mine Is more like a well-worn cardigan Comfortable and familiar Somewhere in the bottom of my closet I wear it for old time’s sake But most of the time it is just there In…

Knowing what you want

Knowing what you want is not just about looking good in a pair of tight leggings it is about having a dream that is worthwhile doing everything you can to make that dream come true knowing the difference between loving and being in love it’s about being strong and crying at the same time.

In my head, the voice

When the rain comes on the outside the power of the underworld will claim my soul for light and dark are in the air tonight bound by ancient Runes fragmented dreams stop the universe a smile tells a lie that everything has changed in my head, the voice

A winter’s day

A winter’s day of faded roses the wind’s symphony rattles my window while I wait for the mist to lift before I can see my life more clearly

I travel alone now

I travel alone now, searching the world for answers, for stories that have happy endings somewhere on the other side of the world photographs fade until his face is hidden and I am standing alone back home there is still me, packed in my suitcase, too scared to make that move, just waiting in the park…

I am Cancerian

I am Cancerian hiding thoughts and feelings behind Saturn but flying like a butterfly in my mind letting the wind set my direction until I come to rest upon a blade of grass to quench my thirst on a drop of dew, nature’s tear, where the shadows hide my fears the equinox is turning my…

Things I cannot say

Paper towns soothing troubled waters January passion reigned when I was younger and stronger than now when no memory of distress needed comfort and protection creative, introverted and moody soft, feminine and strong, curious, gentle and shy observant – and did I say quiet? can’t find reality I have looked in every book every corner…