following breadcrumbs

following breadcrumbs
to the centre of my soul
where power radiates
because it is who I am


Inside my head

fearless and fiery
reckless and daring
lover of liberty and books
hater of convention
small and plain
hot tempered passion
burning ambition
climbing trees
scribbling on blank pages

Secret peaceful places

Secret peaceful places
touched with sadness
cling to my thoughts
with every breath haunting;
they refuse to leave
for too long now
I haven’t tried,
haven’t felt the warmth
of another skin,
all that guilt
tells me it’s safer,
but what if they knew?
what about time?
that healer of all wounds,
what have you been doing?
while I am still so broken
that wind just rushes
through my secrets

Yearning passion
gives meaning
true to oneself
embracing darkness
to balance light
treating yourself
like a close friend
because it is all about
how you see yourself

Birthday wish

tomorrow is my birthday
start of a new era
no longer young
\ do I expect too much from love?
I want to be happy
independent and part of nature
\ think before you speak
about the other side of me
those broken lines I follow
are always in my heart
Satisfying others but not myself

Liking yourself makes others see your beauty


Liking yourself makes others see your beauty,
the shimmering of stars in the night sky,
where dreams float through the universe;

you will find me standing in the shadows of the moon,
my fingers making the silver sounds
that express what my voice cannot say;

I see the way they look at me,
I can look at the ground or look them in the eye
but either way their judgements cut my heart;

I could be someone’s girlfriend,
but what if she tried to clip my wings?

they don’t see the other face,
the one I see in the bathroom mirror,
the one that smiles back like she knows my secrets.

My mind can only hold so many memories

my mind can only hold so many memories
but there is a woman in there that sorts them
keeping each memory neatly filed away
she gets a bit annoyed with my untidy habits
particularly when I wilfully throw new memories in there
without regard for her neatly arranged cabinet of curiosities

I come from my country

I come from my country
Where Thursday frost sparkles
Beneath my feet
Some wear their national identity
Like a cloak, but mine
Is more like a well-worn cardigan
Comfortable and familiar
Somewhere in the bottom of my closet
I wear it for old time’s sake
But most of the time it is just there
In the back of my memory
A little old fashioned
A bit out of date
Threadbare and worn
Like the colours of yesterday
Even though I have never left these shores
It is part of me, like my country
Like the Thursday frost
Sparkling beneath my feet.

Knowing what you want

Knowing what you want
is not just about looking good
in a pair of tight leggings
it is about having a dream
that is worthwhile
doing everything you can
to make that dream come true
knowing the difference
between loving and being in love
it’s about being strong
and crying at the same time.

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