she takes off her clothes
wrapped around her love
lips upon honeysuckle breasts…
teenage boys grind their dreams



Neruda’s words move softly over my skin,
cooing to me like a dove
before his tongue circles infinity
between my thighs I feel him
the touch of a master poet
reaching deep within my secret thoughts
here I lie, on my bed,
lips parted, body a-quiver
as the poet meets my desire
and I turn the page

the body of a woman

the body of a woman
does not surrender
or succumb —
creating magic in her womb
nurturing life with her breasts
― not bound by man’s desire
she is not a doll
for she is a woman

Female desire is underrated

a girl on my own
a small café with thoughts
unfeminine woman writer wondering
why female desire is so underrated
soft graceful delicate
a world within worlds
the pulse of life moving
through her body, energy
softly blurring and shifting
until she is able to say no

Hopelessly wanting

time to move on                            low-cut cotton blouse
sun-tan breasts                          boyfriends and sex
warm summer nights           backseat virginity
haunts my dreams             until morning comes
for something to do         somebody to remember
when we promised       to love forever
just like a movie        hopelessy wanting


Start dreaming

Start dreaming
in the parking lot
a little star shines
in my head,

running away from the crowd
songs of life hold me
from losing grip
dreams of a different way
of relating to each other

Everybody lost something

Freckles, out of control hair,
Red cheeks, feeling unsure;

Takes my hand, soft touch,
Lipstick – smudging;

She tried to warn me,
He was just like every other boy,
But I’m always falling for somebody;

My mind snaps back,
Fingers between my legs,
This is not what I want,
Not how I imagined it would feel;

‘Stop’, I wanted to cry,
But my fate was sealed by a kiss;

Everybody lost something that day.


She liked the words
Liked to hear them spoken
With her own voice repeating
A step further at the precise moment
Slowly pursing her lips like a flower
Whispering soon she promised
To become a child again
Full of impossible gaiety
Wanting something more
Than just words

Soft as a maiden

Soft as a maiden
fair as Venus
innocence allures
dazzles like a pearl
with quick breath
her lover comes
while she talks
and laughs at him
kissing her hand
an arm snaked
around her neck
like a vision
words swelled
in her breast
his blood was hot
as he pressed
her backward
the kind words
became snarls
and he devoured
her soft flesh
until he was possessed
and her screams
meant nothing to him
just the sweet taste
of blood
to her inevitable end.

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