Soft as a maiden

Soft as a maiden fair as Venus innocence allures dazzles like a pearl with quick breath her lover comes while she talks and laughs at him kissing her hand an arm snaked around her neck like a vision words swelled in her breast his blood was hot as he pressed her backward the kind words…

Somewhere there was a witch

Somewhere there was a witch in the moonlight shadows fading a female slaving over lessons in love emasculating men to lose control of their own bodies placing pearls in his ears while stroking his thigh  


A key penetrated the lock, turning in humid darkness, the ultimate masculinity brushed his long hair from his eyes and smiled for a fleeting moment, before the shadow passed and he plunged into me again.

Daughter of nature

I was angry with myself, afterwards Nude unconscious nymph, said I Feeling eyelashes moisten tentatively Flushed with colour, damp hair Sweat soaked sheets, sighs Now more womanly. Outside my body, soul Looking up at the stars, Daughter of nature.

She blushed, not knowing why

She blushed, not knowing why she had sunk so low, or looked so pretty; woman, turning quickly her hand being urged, eyes filled with tears for there is only one thing a young man wants around his waist — a kiss from her lips, undone.

The hunter

Vicious circles wheel around the sun, The crystal ball of her future, When nothing remains the same But the everlasting cycles of the moon. Woman, round, soft curves of renewal, Defined by ancient cycles of the body; Mysterious to those that can only penetrate, Hunters seeking prey with the rising sun; Man, straight, unbending, pierce…