The futility of war

good men brave and true do not fear the leap into danger it is for women and children to sit home and quiver until the good men do not return

Fear is the weapon

Fear is the weapon against laughter, freedom, liberty is too freely used for being, just to be; hope runs scarlet in the streets, grief sirens down below power is existence but there is no surrender.

Feminist Friday – Christmas shopping

Over the last couple of days I have finished my Christmas shopping and spent way too much money buying presents for everybody. I love the feel of Christmas shopping—the carols playing, excited children, tinsel and happiness in the air. But among all the festivities I couldn’t help but noticing how gendered everything is. Most shops…

Weekly challenge – no news

My challenge for this week was to avoid the news. Being on holidays I found it easy to not watch the news on television but right from day one I realised that news comes in so many forms that I needed to define what I was avoiding. So I made my goal to not read…

Friday Feminism – the US election and anti-feminism

For this week’s Friday Feminism post I want to talk about the rise of anti-feminist sentiment, particularly following the results of the US election. As an outside observer (I’m not from the US) this seemed to be an election campaign in which feminism had it’s strongest voice ever. However as the first election results came…

Out of the shadow world

Out of the shadow world, Eight children dead; The words stare at me blankly, Two more die in a siege of terror; Over the page are more hollow platitudes, Because there is really nothing to say; What of a cricket bat left outside the door now, Of course they are deeply shocked and saddened.

On the street

On the street, A man watches A woman walking With tradesman’s eyes, Measuring the dimensions Of her slender body, Height of heel Curve of calf Shape of breast. His face smiles Trying to catch her eye, It’s a game, That he always wins In the end, Sooner or later She will look, Maybe not today,…