Year of the feminist uprising

embodiment of female power
warrior princess
fighting coolly like a girl
to save the planet
in bad-ass boots
one brave woman can start a revolution



unspoken pauses between channels
emergency alerts, empty city streets
faded murals sell —―
returning inside like a dead satellite

just dance dance dance

dark night escape
from life space
society seeks efficiency
technology towers
take people’s live
fleeting myths
suspended on instagram
but don’t worry
just dance dance dance

Late night political debates

late night
political debates
burn my eyes,
I watch them
circle each other,
inching further
from the truth,
voices strained,
lips pressed;
I see it in their eyes,
the madness that urges
men to wage wars
shivers up my spine
when the clock
strikes midnight
and tragedy breaks

Today’s world

where Monday is a long time ago
economic powers military might
worries persist leaders
global disorder runs across borders
nothing like a war for votes

at its heart oppression
shadowy threats overt
the complex truth

child breathes poison air
women, children, religion


Under what conditions women lived
Beaten, locked up, flung about
Servant to her lord and master
Idolised in poetry, prose
Desired and despised in flesh
Absent from history
Enslaved by a ring on her finger.

Directing the storm

Directing the storm
Of patriarchal ideals
That men and women subscribe to
Of romance, unattainable love,
Housewives keep streets clean,
With sparkling eyes, dimpled, fresh,
Waiting to bestow kisses or faint
Curiousity won’t stop them talking,
Defined not by what they do
But by their relationships to men.

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