I come from my country

I come from my country Where Thursday frost sparkles Beneath my feet Some wear their national identity Like a cloak, but mine Is more like a well-worn cardigan Comfortable and familiar Somewhere in the bottom of my closet I wear it for old time’s sake But most of the time it is just there In…

The futility of war

good men brave and true do not fear the leap into danger it is for women and children to sit home and quiver until the good men do not return

Spontaneous fun

Spontaneous fun away from the pressures of life rather than hanging lifeless with fear at the newsfeed on my phone while toast burns and the kettle boils like a gargoyle I am no brave hunter heading into the night the fireside provides comfort, but fears

Fear is the weapon

Fear is the weapon against laughter, freedom, liberty is too freely used for being, just to be; hope runs scarlet in the streets, grief sirens down below power is existence but there is no surrender.