nobody sulks like a teenage girl

nobody sulks
like a teenage girl
nobody understands
how it feels to hide
nobody cares
if her dreams are alive

nobody sees
her reality depart
when sound melts,
guitar ― bass — drums,
ephemeral — fleeting


I do try
to accept the truth
because of them;

my heart is black, childish,
average teenage connections
shrill and clatter, watching;

for nothing is new,
just common sense,
power to transform, divide;

this madness relationship,
nascent eyes focus, run
with ancient yearning;

digital natives plan revenge,
legalised brains, free minds
cannot accept a teenage lesbian.

search for a heart dream

awkward adolescent conflict
I thought I would always love her
but this night circus turned into a beautiful disaster,
it was crazy―dancing with dragons—like a fable
if I only knew what the moral was
shaken like a fallen angel, collapsed
where I couldn’t follow, into the silence
on the wind―for what it could have been
I still need a place to go
In my search for a heart dream

Being a teenage girl

The first thing I remember is feeling guilty. Mum wanted family time but all I wanted was to be with my friends. That wasn’t too much to ask, was it? In the end I had to sneak out. I told her I was going to bed early then climbed out the window. Being a good friend is more important than being a daughter, isn’t it? But if that was the case then why can’t I enjoy this Friday visit to the mall? Not even a movie could fix my mood. I’m sixteen. It’s not like I’m a baby. I don’t need a babysitter.

Next morning a solution is found. Breakfast in bed for Mum and I promise to go with her to visit grandma tomorrow. Like, it’s the right thing to do, right?

Everybody lost something

Freckles, out of control hair,
Red cheeks, feeling unsure;

Takes my hand, soft touch,
Lipstick – smudging;

She tried to warn me,
He was just like every other boy,
But I’m always falling for somebody;

My mind snaps back,
Fingers between my legs,
This is not what I want,
Not how I imagined it would feel;

‘Stop’, I wanted to cry,
But my fate was sealed by a kiss;

Everybody lost something that day.

My faery queen

My faery queen
doesn’t think of me in that way;

stuck in her imaginative web
and burning with desire,

obsessed with her flirting
to all the boys;

she is completely unaware I exist,
the girl with tears rolling, graceful hands;

passionate is pretty, on a cloudy high,
try to live with the pain;

hands in my pockets,
hoodie pulled low

she looks but doesn’t see
the face I see in the mirror;

I don’t know who I am anymore
but when she looks at me I can’t breathe

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