to never wake

a voice inside
shouts I’m a girl
watching shadows
that won’t stop
risking my life;

I can feel them now
burning in my stomach,
my eyes, daring me
to never wake


Bruised petal poet

Bruised petal poet
of human nature
glances over her shoulder
at spirits from the past;
silent, concealed heart
in the pages of a book;
ghostly hands nervous
with little moons
turn the page
of secret dreams
to nourish her soul.


Belonging to a hidden truth
somewhere else fragmented
like spiritual wisdom
or existential anger
I didn’t know anything
harmless apparition
absent-mindedly walking
through my life

Think twice between skyscrapers

Think twice between skyscrapers
Traffic crowds hurry past
While in my own world
Raindrops are fairy crystals
Falling softly on my cheeks
Adele is the only voice I hear
Flowers crack the pavement
Footsteps slow, face turned
Toward the sky arms wide,
Dancing too long in my heart
Hidden by silence
I sing, right there
On the street
Until they come
To take me away

Secret peaceful places

Secret peaceful places
touched with sadness
cling to my thoughts
with every breath haunting;
they refuse to leave
for too long now
I haven’t tried,
haven’t felt the warmth
of another skin,
all that guilt
tells me it’s safer,
but what if they knew?
what about time?
that healer of all wounds,
what have you been doing?
while I am still so broken
that wind just rushes
through my secrets

Yearning passion
gives meaning
true to oneself
embracing darkness
to balance light
treating yourself
like a close friend
because it is all about
how you see yourself


Between the lines
There is silence
Where my words lie
Between the lines
In the silence

Birthday wish

tomorrow is my birthday
start of a new era
no longer young
\ do I expect too much from love?
I want to be happy
independent and part of nature
\ think before you speak
about the other side of me
those broken lines I follow
are always in my heart
Satisfying others but not myself

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