Birthday wish

tomorrow is my birthday start of a new era no longer young \ do I expect too much from love? I want to be happy independent and part of nature \ think before you speak about the other side of me those broken lines I follow are always in my heart Satisfying others but not…

I believe in love and Wonder Woman

In case you hadn’t already guessed, today I went to see Wonder Woman at the cinema. I have read so many reviews about what a wonderful movie this was but none of them prepared me for just how fantastic! There was so much to love about Wonder Woman – Gal Gadot is my new favourite…

My mind can only hold so many memories

my mind can only hold so many memories but there is a woman in there that sorts them keeping each memory neatly filed away she gets a bit annoyed with my untidy habits particularly when I wilfully throw new memories in there without regard for her neatly arranged cabinet of curiosities

Six years on WordPress

I was surprised to receive a notification the other day that it was my sixth anniversary as a blogger on WordPress. I don’t even remember what I called that first blog all those years ago but it would have been about poetry spilling from my 15 year old fingers. I turn 21 in two weeks…

A winter’s day

A winter’s day of faded roses the wind’s symphony rattles my window while I wait for the mist to lift before I can see my life more clearly