Goulburn at night #1

Railway stations at night can be lonely places. They are scenes of farewells and lonely arrivals. Tonight Goulburn railway station is quiet. It is cold. The temperature is quickly dropping toward zero but at least there is no wind. I’m feeling low so I take my photos in black and white to match my mind. It seems to show the railway station at its best anyway. From the earliest days of railways in Australia Goulburn was seen as a terminus. A stopping place. Go no further. But that’s not how I see it because there are times I catch the train here on my way back to university. On those occasions it is opening up my world. Goulburn railway station was built in 1869. Much of the original construction remains in tact, although there are signs of a more modern world such as theĀ Opal ticket machines. As the light of the weekend Explorer approaches from Sydney I collect my ticket from the machine. I might be feeling low on this cold night but it’s time for an adventure.


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