The Moon and Venus

The Moon and Venus combine In a secret tryst – he takes her hand And draws her to the bed, Her pure white dress tumbles to the floor Offering to his parched lips, he draws beside her But she turns her curls away from him He kisses her hand, wooing her back to the pillow…

A night at the opera

A night at the opera / seductive heroines meet their death / stabbed, poisoned, strangled – / drive to madness by men / abused, tormented – / while audiences rise to their feet / for the final aria soars sublime / fleeting heroes weave their slow plot / against female power and strength


Indecisive failures victimise romance Predator and prey glimpse the future One needs the other Feather soft nerve endings On dark nights bound With no sense of time to each other

The feminine pen

the feminine pen, driven by emotion never rests for an idle moment of thought, just sensibility that only my feminity could write so simply